Greeting cards for all occassions

All text can be removed and new text can be added for different occasions i.e. Birthdays, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Valentines Day etc.

Table Place names or gift tags- Polaroids

Route 62 series – for a different kind of Party.

2013-01-31_007 2013-01-31_006 2013-01-31_005 2013-01-31_004 2013-01-31_003 2013-01-31_002

Roadtrip Route 62

Roadtrip Route 62

Parties, or gift tags

2013-01-07_004 2013-01-07_005 2013-01-07_006 2013-01-07_007 2013-01-07_008 2013-01-07_009 2013-01-07_010 2013-01-07_011 2013-01-07_012 2013-01-07_013 2013-01-07_014 2013-01-07_015




Greeting Cards

Years go by and their numbers dwindle further.

Years go by and their numbers dwindle further.

Bird Cage

Bird Cage

Drew’s Rose


Blue Dress

Casual Rabbit

Xmas pressie

Wire scooter

“Bokke & Blomme “Love”

Lollipop trees

Xmas tree 2

Ribbon Angel

Red shoes

  • Vine heart

Vine heart + 2 stars

Porcelain Flower

The dress

collected roses

Simple heart

My books

Decor Bear 2

Decor Bear 1

Biscuit Mill Bear

2 Beach Bears

Beach Bear 1

Beach Bear 2

Beach Bear 3

Beach Bear 4

Grey horse

Girl & dog

Ballet danncer

Christening dress

Metal tree

2 Angels

Single Angel

Double conifer

Single conifer

Feather wreath

Cutout tree 1

Cross & Beads


HP 2

HP 3

HP 4

HP 5

HP 6

HP 7

HP 8


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